At this writing we have a serious drought and could have danger of fires spreading so we are careful to not burn trash. We do have clouds in the sky this Monday morning.

I heard from David King the past week and news from them are that he works part time and takes cares of their home and his Mom, Geneva. She hasn’t felt too good, and has a caretaker when David works out of their home. He hopes they can come with friends in the near future as they want to visit Dawt Mill.

Rocky Top Campgrounds and cabins at Tecumseh have a Facebook page and when clicked on “home activities” our Friendly Neighbor Club pictures appears. Joe and Diane Easterday hosted our meeting in June. We enjoyed a delicious evening meal with them. And the tour on top of the hill. They have made a lot of improvements.

The Christian Women’s Fellowship meeting will be hosted by the Frontier Church at Pontiac on Saturday, July 20th. All churches are invited to attend.

Alice Hurley hosted the Friendly Nieghbor Extension Club Thursday, July 11th. Those present for the meeting and lunch were President, Karen N. Davis, Maxine Smith, Linnie Ingram, Edith McKinnon, Lily Branco and the hostess for an enjoyable day. Our Club supports with generous donations Back to School, Toys for Tots, Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’, Christmas sacks for elderly and homebound folks, and we support the quilt show each year checking in the quilts and showing them the three days of the festival. They are checked in and on display on Wednesday afternoon. Our Friendly Neighbors Club is in our 79th year, organized in 1934, at Lilly Ridge, by Mrs. Boyd Downard, from Iowa. She had been involved with farm women’s club in Iowa and was a good organizer. Her husband contracted the construction of the Gainesville High and grade school which is now First Savings and Loan and Gainesville Post Office and in back, the medical offices.

I appreciate Jerry Miller for bringing me cucumbers from her garden last week.

The apron event held at the Historium was enjoyed by all who attended. I appreciate all who had a hand in planning and presenting, especially Janet Tabor and Susan Ault and others.

A correction for last weeks columns is that the fireworks for the 4th was at Joe and Diane Easterdays’ home instead of Lynn Johnson’s, I was reminded. Since I wasn’t there it was easy for me to get it mixed up.

Lilly Ridge Church Sunday evening services were enjoyed with visitors present and sharing and singing. Business meeting followed.

Happy Birthday this July 16th to Kristin Luebbert in Lindsborg, Kansas. She is now a RN employed at the Cedars Retirement Home in McPherson, Kansas.

A quote, “The formula for living is get up in the morning, go to bed at night, and in the daytime make hay while the sun shines.”