Last Weeks News – June is gone and July is here with a bang as the 4th brings on firecrackers and fun for those who enjoy the displays.

I appreciate all the birthday cards for my July 1st celebration. It isn’t as difficult to grow older and get accustomed to the “Golden Age” if there are friends who will soon be making the same journey.

Edith McKinnon and Ann Bragg went to the Stained Glass Theatre at Ozark and had lunch at the Village Inn Saturday.

Joe and Diane Easterday completed a new addition to their club house at Rocky Top Pavilion to accomondate larger families, reunions and cookouts. They went to Silver Dollar City on Monday.

We were glad to see Lanell Long and her sister, Sue Cobb, at church Sunday evening.

Dean and Dorothy Davis, former residents of this area, attended the funeral of a cousin, Jerry Dean in Las Vegas.

J.C. and Bonnie, Chet, and Dana Taylor spent their vacation in Fort Worth and San Antonio area for a wedding and also a funeral of J.C.’s brother.

They also visited Jackie and Chrissie Kastning in New Braunfel (near San Antonio). They also visited the Alamo and Riverwalk.

Best wishes to sick folks and hoping to hear Kerry Robbins gets to come home soon and has better health.

Jerry Miller’s great-granddaughter in Memphis, Tennessee had her 2nd birthday July 1st.

Danna Taylor and Karen Davis had lunch with me Monday and Karen made my birthday cake. We didn’t have enough candles for the occasion. Dana brought a good beef stew for our lunch. Chet stopped by Monday evening.

A belated birthday wish to Helen Conardy on June 30th.

We are needing rain in our part of the country and there are clouds in the sky this Monday.

Crepe Myrtle shrubs will soon be in bloom and they are very pretty. I’m enjoying Bee Balm blooms now, a deep red color.

This Weeks News – The 4th of July holidays have come and gone with lots of celebrating even in days following.

Lynn Johnson and children had a fish fry for neighbors and friends with crappie and walleye fish he caught and french fries and hush puppies for all the Clear Springs Church folks.

Sympathy to the Bob Bryant family who lost their loved one Sunday morning.

This coming Saturday evening, July 13th is the community singing at Fowler Church. Everyone is invited to attend. Time is 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served after the singing.

The Tecumseh community and Lynn Johnson’s fish fry also had a good fireworks display. Edith McKinnon told me that she enjoyed the music entertaintment also.

Mearl and Beulah Satterfield and I shopped in West Plains Tuesday of last week and they were seeing about their hearing aids so we visited with Roy Jones, Beltone representative. We wish him better health as he has had to turn over his visits to Gainesville to his daughter.

Three foreign exchange students worked and got acquainted with the English language at Dawt Mill and Sandi, in charge there.

The potluck dinner at Lilly Ridge Church Sunday was enjoyed by several who stayed. Our pastor, Dale Roberts is on vacation and Burl Norton filled in Sunday for him. We enjoyed his sermon and having them with us for our Sunday dinner. Evening services were dismissed.

Next Sunday will be our Communion Service.

Until next time we will try to keep cool.