St. Francis Church News

Sunday, July 7 was a very special day in the history of St. Francis Anglican Church. Our regular morning prayer service was suspended so that Bishop Glen Hartley could preside over the ordination of Thomas Y. Hiter to the order of Deacons in our parent body, the United Episcopal Church of North America. Rev. Hiter is now a Deacon at his home church in Western Kentucky where he has a unique church that holds services on a boat situated at a marina on Kentucky Lake in Western Kentucky south of Paducah. He had a group of resident congregants as well as many visitors who are vacationing on the lake. He says life there is very water oriented and compares it with the Ozarks. Several members of his parish made the trip here from Kentucky and were with us for the Ordination ceremony which was followed by our regular communion service during which Rev. Hiter assisted Bishop Hartley in serving Holy Communion to our members and our guests. Altar and vestment colors were red for this special occasion and the Bishop wore his Bishop’s vestments. He was assisted in the ceremony by acolyte Chandler Connell.

After the ceremony we and our guests enjoyed a dinner with good food and good fellowship.

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