St. Francis Church News

Sunday, July 14 was the seventh Sunday after Trinity; altar and vestment colors are again green after last Sunday’s red for the ordination ceremony.

Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Old Testament lesson for the day, Hosea 14:1-9, “Return, O Israel, to the Lord your God…” Hosea was a prophet in the northern kingdom of Israel in the 8th century B.C. and this passage is an exhortation to repentance followed by a promise of God’s blessing. He outlines four steps to be followed: 1. Accept responsibility. 2. Make an honest confession. 3. Turn from old ways and 4. Then we can claim God’s promise for the future. Ritualistic sacrifices don’t work, but our faith in Christ does.

On July 3 I attended a performance of “Steel Magnolias” at the Missouri State University Tent Theater. This was my first time at the Tent Theater and I enjoyed it very much. I went with our friend, Mark Gideon and other Springfield friends. Mark, whose family is from Ava, is himself a fine actor and has appeared both with the Tent Theater and Springfield Little Theater. Mark told me they did an audience survey at one point to see if people wanted to move indoors to the air-conditioned theaters and the response was against that. The outdoor theater was started in 1963 because the indoor theater was not air-conditioned at that time.

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