Smallett/Walnut Grove News

Sunday morning service began with the Praise Team leading us in some beautiful songs then Brother Roberts brought a good message about the nation’s leader who signed the Declaration of Independence and several of them who gave their lives because of their Christian beliefs upon¬† which the nation was founded.

The afternoon consisted of several preparing the food for the community celebration at Walnut Grove Church, practicing music for the evening entertainment, several tending the kitchen downstairs and some preparing the popcorn, snow cones and games for the kids. There was a very large turnout for the event and I believe a good time was had by all. The Grand Finale was the display of fireworks set off by some of the guys.

Delmar and I have been busy this week too, and have had some very good volunteer help in readying our house in town for us to move in.

We truly appreciate everyone who has helped in any way.

My mom, Nora Hunsaker has done an almost complete turnaround with her health since having a pacemaker put in. She is more like her old self.  I came so close to losing her that I am so happy for her to be more chipper now.

Until next week if you don’t have anyone to pray for pray for our troops.