Sunday morning the VBS kids had the service and showed what they had learned during the week. It was awesome and showed the work the teachers and helpers had put in getting them ready for the program. Good job leaders and kids .

Sunday evening, Brother Roberts brought the message from Malachi 3: 13-18, “Praise.” and Joshua 24, “ Prayer Time and Praise Time.”

We have been blessed to have a granddaughter spend three days and nights with us. Hailey Carter came home with us on Sunday afternoon and stayed until her parents and brother, Rusty, Becky and Maeson Carter, stopped by on Wednesday to pick her up and then they were going to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum. Others visiting us this week were Pauline Okhuysen, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, Jack and Barb Breshears, Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Beth Stafford, Johnathon Snelson, Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Sue Jones and Earnie and Helen Cook. On Sunday, Delmar and I met his son, Frank and wife Velma Rosseau at Springfield where we had lunch together and also visited a thrift store.

I talked with Aunt Violet Morris on the phone and they are doing about the same.

We finally got everything moved to town so now the straightening up begins.

Until next week, be sure to think and pray for all the troops who are in harms way. They are sacrificing a lot for our freedom.