The Walnut Grove Band opened the morning service with some very good music then prayer requests and prayer. Waylon Souder brought the beautiful special.

Brother Roberts brought the morning message from Luke 23:33-46, “ The Invisible Nails.” The evening message was from Nehemiah 4: 1-12, 17-22, “Keep Building but Be On Guard.”

Well, we are moved into town after lots of work on the house and moving everything. We think we will really like living here. The neighbors are very nice and helpful. I believe that God has planted us in the middle of wonderful people again. We are thankful. My brother and sis, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage just finished putting in our air conditioner and did a very neat job. They have been such a big help, just jumping in and doing things that would have taken Delmar and me another year to get done. Our neighbors from Smallet have been a big help to us with their painting skills and my daughter, Donna Bannister has helped a lot with painting, cleaning and moving.

Those visiting in our new place this week were Raymond Bricker, Pauline Okhuysen, Rusty, Becky and Maeson Carter, Judy Bengston and friend Bill, Shirley Smith, Beth Stafford, Johnathon Snelson, Betty and Justice DeChenne, Shawn and Lane Hanger, Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Jack and Barb Breshears, Donna Bannister.

Our sympathy goes out to the families who have lost family members this week.

I have kept in touch with Aunt Violet and Uncle Hugh Morris through mamma and my cousin, Howard Morris who tells me they have called in Hospice for Uncle Hugh.

My brother-in-law, Earnie Cook is in the hospital having some surgery and we pray for his fast recovery.

Until next week, be content with that which you have.