Sandy Church News

Congratulations to our newlyweds, Sean and Ashton Templeton, who were married Saturday, July 13th with a large crowd of friends and family attending.  It was a beautiful and blessed event.  Our prayers and best wished are with them.  Pastor Neal said giving away his daughter was the hardest thing he had ever done, but with the help of the Good Lord, he got through it.

As we came together on our Lord’s Day, prayer requests were given for Bible School this week and Deb Hall.  A praise report was given by Cody Menzies.  We were so glad to see Cody back and Paul Duckworth gave praise for a good report from his tests.  God is so good and better than that.  Van Menzies prayed.

Happy anniversary was sung to Harold and Juanita Menzies who will have 53 years on July 20th.  Danny Johnson and Van Menzies received our Lord’s tithes and offerings followed by a handshaking time.  Pastor Neal asked for praises and testimonies.  Some were shared.  A request was made for Joe Smith.  Pastor Neal prayed and read from Deuteronomy 3, the Promised Land.  Moses besought the Lord, “Let me go over and see the Good land”.  The Lord said, “Speak no more unto me of this matter”.  Let us encourage our people today to stay close to Him, hear his words, do what He teaches and go in and possess the land which the Lord gives to us. Rick Crum dismissed by prayer and ask the blessing on the meal which followed.  We had good food and good fellowship.  Stan and Kim Humbyrd were in children’s church.

At 6 pm, Pastor began with prayer followed by singing and testifying.  A prayer request was given for Leonard Caswell.  Pastor Neal read many quotes by our founding fathers concerning our nation and read from Deuteronomy 4, a warning that we need to pray and intercede for our nation and leaders today.

We are having Bible School this week from 6 – 8 pm each evening, Monday through Friday.  Kim Humbyrd is the director with many helpers.  Supper will be served at 6 pm with Juanita Menzies in charge.

July 24-26 a camping trip is planned for our teenagers with Pastor Neal and Lea Ann.  They will be leaving the church at 8 am on Wednesday having Bible study and hiking plus attending the Passion Play on Friday night.

Come and worship with us.  You are always welcome.