Rome News

What a beautiful rain we received Monday morning here in Peckerwood Hollow. It sounds like a lot of people got rain over the weekend. We are so thankful. It was such a blessing.

Kinsey and Kailey Thompson spent a few days in Chicago last week. They went with their dad, Kelly.

Seth Hunt spent last week with dad, Kenny Hunt and grandma, Norma Cross. Also other visitors last week were Margie Jenkins. She has been visiting her son, Tim, and Randy Jenkins, Juanita Herrell and Lisa and Alice.

I visited with cousin, Berbara (Lingle) Wilson in Wisconsion. Also a cousin in Selah, Washington to tell them of Peggy Jenkins’ death.

Laverne Hall reports no change with Jerry. He is in the Forsyth nursing home. Our prayers go out to the family.

Kenny Goin will be having more tests today, Monday. Also, Larry Clayton will be having more test today. All three of these men are from our church, Goodhope General Baptist.

Saturday the 20th was the 17th annual George and Dora Applegate Reunion. There are only two of their nine children left. They are Viola Twibble, 94, who lives alone in the senior apts. in Ozark; Ann O’Bryan, 91, who lives alone in Kansas City, MO.; both of them are still spunky. I didn’t get the count of how many cousins were there. They come from all over, even two girls came from Guam. Norma, Kenny and Seth, Randy Oliver Jenkins and Pauline from Ava were there.

Tuesday, Sue, Dianne, Ron, Judy and Jerry made a trip to Springfield – Ron and Judy were looking at trailer homes.

Sunday, the gospel group “Faithful” had the song service at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. The group “Faithful” is Sue Brown on keyboard, Susan Sinclair on guitar and vocal, Mary Baumgardner, harmonica and vocal, Cindy Winslow, vocal.

Saturday Rod, Lisa and Kayli came out and put three new phones in for Sue. Sue had to go to music practice when she came back, Rod and Lisa had a surprise for her. They had cleaned up her shop, put the tools in order, you could see the work bench.

Weekend visitors of Ervin and Lodean Schultz was a surprise visit from her brother and nephew, Dale and Steve Nelson from Jackson, MO. Other visitors wer Scarlet Cropper and Ervin’s daughter from Illinois and granddaughter and husband, Alvin and Molly Smalley and daughter, Nora. Also Rod, Lisa, Kayli, Dianne and Pam and Cody.

Attendance at Goodhope General Baptist was down to 60. Several were out for vacation.

Sunday night opened with prayer requests, singing and testimonies.

Pastor David used scripture I John, chapter 3:1-10. It was good preaching, Dave.

I John 1:9-10, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar and his word is not in us.”