Rome News

Hope everyone had a good and safe time over the long holiday weekend. There was lots of people celebrating their country. God has blessed the United States of America so much. My granddaughter, Brooke Gilhegi, McKenna and Chace from Columbia, MO. and Holly Tubbs, Finley, Milo and Lela from Springfield, MO. spent Wednesday afternoon with me. We sat on the front porch while the children played in the branch. It was a beautiful afternoon.

The doctor sent Peggy Jenkins to the hospital about 2:30 Thursday morning. Norma Cross met Randy Jenkins at Mercy. They could only be with her two hours at a time. They came home late that evening. She passed away in the early morning hours Friday. Norma and I went with the boys, Oliver and Randy and Liz to the funeral home Friday afternoon to make arrangements for the funeral. Afterwards we went by the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center where she had been a resident there for over seven years. Connie and the staff seen to it that she got the best of care. She will be greatly missed.

There is a boy named Alex that would come in to see if she wanted anything. She loved him. He knew just how to communicate with her by getting close to her ear to talk. We got her room cleaned out Friday and Saturday. Norma spent lots of time with her the past few months after she began falling. Irene, a resident across the hall, kept a close watch on her. We appreciated that so much. I just got word they brought Lenore Burton back to the Heart of the Ozarks this afternoon, Monday, after having surgery on her hip a few days ago.

Our prayers go out to Lynn and Larry Clayton. Larry will be going to St. Louis tomorrow on the 9th to begin his treatments for cancer.

Jerry Hall has been moved to the Forsyth nursing home. He is about the same the family reported.

July 7 – Goodhope General Baptist Church attendance was 85.

Specials were by Susie Adams, Misty Breshears and Missy Breshears. Pastor David used scripture Revelation 3:1-6. It was a very inspiring message.

We welcome the visitors we had, welcome to come back. We missed those that were out due to sickness, etc.

After service we all went to Jackson Mill creek, Pastor David baptized Misty Breshears, keep this young lady in your prayers.

Sunday evening opened with singing and prayer, testimonies. Pastor David used Matthew 5:14-16.

Goodhope General Baptist Church celebrated their fourth of July Saturday evening with food, singing and fireworks. The Hunsaker family entertained us with many beautiful songs. If your church wants a group to sing, we would highly recommend getting in touch with them. You will be blessed.

The Thompsons and friends came down Sunday evening for a cookout. Kelly did the cooking.

Jesus told his disciples at the last supper, John 13:34, “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”