Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Upcoming Events:  Lynn and Larissa Saladin got married Saturday afternoon, and we have a table set up for them downstairs for gifts.  August 24th– Annual Women’s Conference at the Hartville Church.  Give Registration forms to Pat Moore by July 15th.  August 10- Missions Conference at Rock Chapel.  August 25- Noon Cookout.  August 2- 1 p.m. Samantha Sellars will graduate at MSU Hammons Center.

Choir did a special.

Those having birthdays:  Steve Raney and Hunter Garrison.

Those with  anniversaries:  Martin and Libby Bowie and Sharon and Van Renfrow (52 years next Sunday).

Today’s prayer requests:  Ronnie Atchison, Bro. Rick’s father, Monte Housley and Sandy, and Shelby Jean Moore; those traveling, those with health problems, our country, the lost, and unspoken requests.

Special today by Lois Flageolle:  A thank you for the Relay for Life donations from the church of $300, and she explained how Relay of Life got started and what it is.

We had a special by Rick and Helen Batten. Bro. Rick preached from the following books in the Bible:  Matthew 4: 5-7. James 1:13, Mark 16, and 1st Corinthians 10.  He preached on tempting God- this is a very foolish thing to try to do.  Some of the offenders that anger God are:  (1) Saying there is No God, (2) Changing and altering the Word of God, (3) Using the Bible to your benefit (hypocrisy), (4) Worshipping anyone or anything other than God, (5) Not having true, absolute faith.  Bro. Rick gave examples of each of the offenders: being an Atheist, adding or taking away from the Bible (Revelations), the money changers in the Temple who thought they were doing a religious service by selling ‘unblemished lambs’ to people, the devil trying to tempt Jesus to bow down to him, and praying without trust.  Bro. Rick asked, “Do you have faith when you ask for something?”  We need to have total confidence in God when we pray to him.  We need to trust him completely, and to always resist the devil.

Evening service was about blind Bartimaeus- he had total faith that Jesus would heal him and he did.  Questions:  Call Bro. Rick at 417-683-5657 or 417-250-0918.  Visitors are always welcome.