Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Some recent additions to the prayer list:  Monte Housley’s grandson, Lola Dennis, Jerry Lee, Sandy Housley, Marta Honeycutt, Lonnie Sinning, Kathleen Fordy, Shelby Housley, Dwight Smith, Alex Alexander’s brother, Ronnie Atchison, Kennah Atchison, Stanley Jones’ revival, and granddaughter of Shelby Moore-Shelbi Jean and others with health problems.

Choir did a special today July 21.

Birthdays:  Sandy Housley and Jamie Guilliams.

Rick Batten’s father passed away this week.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  July 28- Helen Batten’s family will sing in evening services; August 1- 7:00 a.m. Men’s Breakfast; August 10- Missions Conference at Rock Chapel; August 24-Women’s Conference at Hartville Baptist Church; and August 25- noon meal to celebrate a new Sunday school class.

Tammi Housley did a beautiful special. Children’s Church today with Helen Batten.

Today’s sermon by Bro. Rick Batten:  Acts 17:22, Romans 10:13, and 1st John 5:15.  Paul talked about how the people (Athenians) worshipped statutes, objects, and items like the Arc and its’ belongings.  He tried to make people understand that they had to worship God in spirit and truth. The Athenians did not walk with the Lord.  They mocked and wanted to wait-they did not have a close relationship with the Lord.  ‘Draw nigh unto me and I will draw closer to you’.  We may be like the early Athenians- we may fall short of the close personal walk with God.  We need to talk to him daily not just in an emergency.  God is alive-he is not some object.  We need to be talking to God daily and it should be the most natural thing to do.  The Lord will hear us. Mark your calendars for some upcoming events in September: September 8- Grandparent’s Day Breakfast at 10 a.m. and September 22- the 75th Anniversary of Rock Chapel Church.

Questions:  call Bro. Rick Batten 683-5657 or 250-0918.  Visitors are always welcome.