Quad Cities

6-24-13. Once again I will try to think of something to write about. It’s 10:15 a.m. and has been raining fish and frogs since around 1:00 or 1:30 a.m. As usual the lane is full of water and the yard and every thing.

6-25-13. I saw early yesterday that I wouldn’t of been able to mail this. We had thunderstorms and strong winds and torrential rains and a few tornadoes on the ground. We got nine inches of rain in our rain gage, the small town of Lowden, Iowa was flooded and Muscatine was hit hard by what I think was a tornado. It blew semis off the road and turned them over, blew roofs off buildings and collapsed them. One man was in a building and trapped by the roof and is in the hospital in Iowa City with life threatening injuries. This whole area was under a tornado warning. The damage we’ve heard about so far in Muscatine was along where the Hwy. 61 bypass goes through. That’s how daughter, Anita, comes home from work. She called us when she got off work, to make sure we knew about the warnings, then she was just barely ahead of the storm. She said she just made it in time. Pieces of the roofs hit at least one car driving by.

I thank god that Anita made it home in time and  I hope no one else was hurt bad besides the one guy who was in Krieger’s Collision Center and of course I hope he survives. We planned to go to Tipton yesterday, but never did get a break in the weather to where we could.

We were needing some rain, but not that much. We’re still waiting to hear from the apartment. I had to call and give her some more information. I guess I  sound like I think I’m the only person who ever moved, but after all it will be 37 years next month since I moved. I’m dreading the move, but anxious to get settled in the apartment. They seem so cozy.

Well, Walt is going to walk to the mailbox and mail this and other things, because the road is washed out pretty bad. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.