Quad Cities

7-22-13. Dear Readers: Sorry I haven’t written for awhile, but I have been sick with sinus infections over two weeks and my head was so foggy and I couldn’t hardly walk straight. Then all kinds of other things going on. The roof leaking different places, trying to get everything completed to rent the apt. in Tipton. I think we’ve finally got it all done and settled to where we can move into the one that will be available August 1st. There’s still so much to do at home to get everything ready to move. Still have to decide what all I can keep and what I have to get rid of. I’m going to go through all the clothes, coats and shoes I own and the ones that don’t fit just right or I’m not crazy about will go to Goodwill. Then there’s all Jeff’s CB, ham radio, music instruments, tools and etc. Most of that will go to family. Anita will take my dryer, but then there’s still the frigdge and washer to get rid of. They’re both in excellent condition. Great-grandson came out last week and took the big window air conditioner I was glad of that. It still works really well and I didn’t want to leave it behind. He’s going to come and get the garage, iron steps and some more. Later when we’re through with them he can have the two lawn mowers anda bicycle that’s only been ridden once. Daughter and granddaughter are supposed to come out Wednesday to help and I have a lot of things for them to look at and see if they want any of it. I called the store in Iowa City where I sell things and asked if they were flooded this year and Mark said they had moved out before the floods, but they didn’t get flooded. I told him when they move back I will bring some more things to them to sell. I have some money to pick up there. I ordered some new curtains because all of the ones I have are the long ones and the rooms in the apts. have baseboard heaters under the windows so instead of hemming all these big curtains up I got the 64 inches new ones.

Well, this is pretty well filling my thought right now. We spent the weeknd in East Moline pet sitting for Candi and Jarred while they went to Chicago to a Jason Aldean concert. We enjoyed the pets. They are all really well behaved and mind well. Chestney spent most of the time getting caught up on laying beside me on his back with his head on my lap for me to scratch him on the chest, under his chin and massage his little shoulders. He sure does love that. After we got there and saw Candi and Jarred we went to Wal-Mart to get a few things we would need while there. It was really hot with the heat index over 100 degrees, so while Walt was shopping I went to the Subway there in the building ¬†and got us a roasted chicken breast for Walt and black forest ham for me. He had told me to watch close and make sure they put the right amount of meat in his chicken because he had got one somewhere they only put one piece. He told me that more than once. Because of the heat I went on back to the car with the sandwiches and started the car and turned the air on. I used my car key when he got to the car he couldn’t find his keys. He said he must have missed his pocket when he got out of the car and dropped them on the ground. It also had the house key on it so we looked and looked on the hot pavement with no luck. Somebody must have had their wheel on them. So we went home not knowing if we could get in the house to take care of the pets. Well we got lucky. He looked through an extra set of keys he had and found one that fit the back door. What a relief! He found a key to the front door on one of the kids keychains and took it and got some more made. Then on Saturday he started to eat his chicken sub for lunch and he called me into the kitchen and said,”Look at this! Can you see any chicken on this?” and sure enough there wasn’t one piece of chicken on it. Just cheese and vegetables. What a surprise. We were both pretty upset so we took the sub, jumped in the car and went back to Subway and of all times I couldn’t find my ticket. A young woman was working there had seen me there when I got them, so they made us a whole new sandwich and put chicken on it. We looked a little more for the keys with no luck. Other than those two incidents we had a good weekend except for Sunday when Walt’s daughter, Berta, called to say her brother, Rob, was in the hospital in ICU with a heart attack so that was really bad news of course. They were going to give him blood thinners until today then run tests to see what all is going on in there. Berta will go back to the hospital today and talk to doctors and nurses and try to find out what all is going on. So about all we can do is pray for the best. I know the doctors with the help of God work miracles.

One good thing that happened over the weekend was Saturday when we were in Wal-Mart taking the sub back we met up with Norma “Cookie” Pierce and her daughter. She’s one of the nicest people I know and just makes you feel good to see her. Her daughter is really nice too. I never did find out her name. They were getting ready to go see the movie “Heat.” It was good to see them again. It’s Monday morning and we’re not going to see them again, but I better say take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.