Olga News

This has been a good week to get your work done early in the morning and then take it easy from the heat in the afternoons.  Mornings are cool enough to get the wash out on the line, transplant or plant what’s needed for the week and to get all the other farm chores done before the sun begins to really heat things up.  We are grateful for the latest cooler afternoons where one can actually get caught up on their weeding or to actually just sit out on the swing in the evenings and enjoy the cool night air with all the lightening bugs lighting up the night sky.

Right now the Butterfly Bushes are in full bloom and the air is heavily scented with their perfume.  I learned how easy it is to propagate them so I will hopefully have them everywhere soon.  Our lavender stalks are covered in bees and ready for harvesting.

The apple and peach trees are heavily loaded now too and everywhere you look, there are mulberry trees dropping their goodness for the birds and chickens.

Speaking of birds, we have been hearing a strange bird in the afternoons and evenings lately and we haven’t been able to figure out what kind of bird it is.  We’re hoping you can help us.  There seems to be more than one bird talking back and forth and their call has three high notes/chips and three low notes/chips and then a long trill.  These birds will call like this to each other all afternoon and evening until just before dark.  The birds seem to be down in the field grass, not up in the trees.  If anyone can tell me what this bird is, please email me at hillsofolga@gmail.com.  I will be very grateful!

The garden harvests are beginning and one of our favorite light dinners are homemade pizzas from the garden.  You use any kind of tortilla you like, spoon on some homemade or store bought pizza sauce, load it with fresh cut veggies from the garden like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, spinach, and sprinkle some cheese on it.  YUM!  Using the tortillas keep the meal really light due to their size.  Pop them in the oven long enough to melt the cheese and enjoy!

This next week promises more great weather so be sure to get out and enjoy all of the local events.  Here in our little nook of the Ozarks, there are always great auctions and swap meets to go to, antique stores to browse and a few of the best produce auctions around.  Our cup runneth over with this life’s goodness, abundance and opportunity, it’s easy to see when we slow down enough and look for it.  May you have a blessed week!