Oak Grove Church

The planned message for Sunday, July the seventh is “Building To Code.” You may have heard that it is not necessary to build, “to code” out in the country, and in some cases that may work out all right, but for structures that you want to last a lifetime and remain safe and strong, or those you intend to insure, it’s a good idea to observe the building code requirements. Otherwise, the insurance man may not even be able to give you a policy and when the wind blows your building down, or fire destroys it, you are left, “holding the bag,” – “Don’t be left holding the bag.”

When the followers of Christ, in the first century after His coming began to come together in fellowship assemblies, which came to be known as “churches” they were given very specific instructions on how these groups were to function, “building codes” if you will. The initial set of course was for the Tabernacle during their wilderness period of experience. Then came the floor plan for the Temple in Jerusalem and then the New Testament Church.

Just like the modern building codes are an accumulation of the building science and techniques which have been tried and tested over the years, so are the “building codes,” which were laid down in scripture for us. If we do not follow the proper, “building practices” the structure may be riddled with violations, and face severe penalties when the “Inspector comes again.”

You may have guessed, the “building codes” we are talking about have little if anything to do with, masonry, carpentry, steel or electrical materials and construction.

Come and join us, sit in on a “code class,” you might pick up some tips for your own “construction project.” May God bless you is our prayer.