Oak Grove Church

We stayed after morning services and had a wonderful meal together, this past Lord’s Day. We had a wonderful time in fellowship, and then went back to the sanctuary to decorate for our, “God’s Backyard Vacation Bible School,” which started on Monday and runs through this week.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 26th will be our Vacation Bible School Program Night. We plan to start at 6:30 p.m. and hope you will decide to come and join us in praise to the Lord. We have classes planned for pre-school through high school age groups and you will be welcome to join us in the study of God’s Holy Word, fellowship, food and fun; if you come.

Since we didn’t get to it this week our planned message for next Sunday morning will be: “Leaving Things,” come and join us, as we explore the powerful truths of God’s Word.

Jesus left heaven to bring salvation to an undeserving world, of which you and I are a part, come and see if just maybe there are some things he wants you to leave behind, to be more effective in his service. Or maybe something you need to leave behind, so that you are not “Left Behind.”

Hey, that sounds like a good title for a movie. Come be our guest and may God richly bless you.