Oak Grove Church

God is good, He gave us a wonderful time in the Lord this Fourth of July weekend, warm sunny days and Christian friends and loved ones to share it with. We hope you had a great celebration of our nations Independence and remembered to thank God for giving us such a blessed country to live in.

Next Sunday we intend to continue a sermon series called, “Building Codes.” If you would like to sign up for “Code Classes,” just drop in on Sunday morning and we will make sure you have a seat for the entire class, oh, lest I forget the “Credits” for the class are out of this world.

This Saturday, July 13th, we will host the James Family Reunion and hope all you James family members will come and enjoy some time together in the Oak Grove fellowship hall.

Just a head’s up, you might want to put this on your calendar, the week of July 22-26 will be the week of our Vacation Bible School, send or better yet bring your child to Vacation Bible School and God will bless us all together.

The Sunday evening service on the 14th may have something to do with “The Christ of the Ozarks,” but you will have to join us for worship services that evening to find out. I know some of you are saying, “There is no Christ of the Ozarks,” but that is where you are mistaken, come and see.