Norwood Gleanings

I had a surprise birthday supper for my husband Tuesday at a local restaurant and they served steak, chicken or ribs. It was so yummy that I am sure to go back for some more.

Clara Jones had surgery on Tuesday and came home Thursday afternoon. She has already had surgery once but a screw was coming out. I guess you could say she literally had a screw loose. Ha! Ha! They replaced it with something else and she is really feeling a lot better.

Ronnie Bradshaw is having a time with his health. He first was diagnosed with staph and now he is in the hospital with blood clots. They are trying to dissolve them.

Lonnie Sinning is back in the hospital. He has a foot that isn’t healing just right. He has diabetes.

Sorry to hear about Robin Schrum passing away. She is Reah Cramer’s sister. She lived here for a while and moved away. Robin’s mother was a Heard.

Senior Citizens dinner was July 8. Those that could make it were Leon Pendergrass, Linda VanderBogart, Linda and Shirley Cottengim, Janet Atchison, Kay Woods, Loiesca Wullins, Austin and Tessa Jenkins, Ruth Bradshaw, Delta Forrest, Joann Sanders, Earlene Dennis, Bonita Raney, Phil and Sue Durden, John and Shirley Shores, Zach and Tammy Williams, Titus Stout and Esther Stout, Mike Fitzpatrick, Sue Fitzpatrick, JR and Alberta Steinart, Joe Locke and Jack Barnett. There were 28 present. Next month it will be August 12. Hope to see you there.

I was just sitting here thinking of great big bull frog legs to eat. I don’t know which is best, eating them or frogging late at night. I used to do that so much when I was younger. I hate growing old. Now I can’t wait for the sun to go down so I can go to bed. Also it’s almost blackberry picking time. I’ve done a lot of that too. Now I’ve planted tame berries in my yard so I don’t get chiggers all over me. Guess I’m getting soft.

Delta Forrest brought me some very interesting news. She hosted her 32nd annual family reunion at her farm home on July 4. There were 131 family members present. Her grandfather, William Snavely purchased the farm on which she lives in 1913. In 1943, her parents, Joe and Emily Snavely, bought the farm and in 1962, it was purchased by Delta and her husband Buck. In 2008 it was purchased by their son and wife, Lee and Sue Forrest. This year marks the 100th year the farm has been in the family.

The state provided a Century Farm sign which arrived on July 3. After a big pot luck lunch, a hayride was provided for those who didn’t want to walk the half mile to visit the large white oak tree which stopped a run away team and wagon in 1915 and threw William Snavely to the ground. He always called it his “saved my life tree” Every year at the reunion this tree has been visited and the story has been passed down through six generations. Lots of pictures were taken and if you know the Snavely family, lots of talking. It was an almost perfect day she said.

I only have one anniversary this week and it is Wayne and Ruby Hopper on the 13th.

Fun Facts: Pleasant Hill School had a well for water, but if something went wrong with the pump the older pupils would fetch water from the spring or a near by neighbor well. They had two buckets and two dippers that they all drank from, and there never was no ill affects from it.

Thought: Rare is the person who can weigh the faults of others without his thumb on the scale.

Thanks for the news sent in and God bless our little town.