Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Well, if your wondering where the Gleanings were last week, that makes two of us. But you’ll just have to catch up on the news this week.

This week they have put the heating and cooling in Travis and Mikyla’s house. They also managed to get two volunteers for the electric work, Bud Moore and Marshall Yates.

The Saturday night auction is the thing of the past. They no longer will be there. There was always a full house in lookers, but never any serious buyers.

James and Martha Harris were happy to see their friends and family taking time out of their busy schedules to come and celebrate their 50 years together.

Just got word that Norwood School will be back in session August 14. Ballgames are winding down and everyone is going on their vacations.

Ronnie Atchison is having more medical problems. He went last Wednesday to the hospital and they are going to move him to Seymour for rehabilitation. His spirits are still up for now.

There was a baby shower on Sunday, June 30 for a couple that came a long way to have a shower. They came all the way from Canada. Mike and Lacey (Morris) Cameron. Lacey is the daughter of Rev. Bill and Karla Morris. Karla was so pleased to see that her 4th grade teacher, Ruth Bradshaw, came to the shower. She is loved by Karla’s family. This will be Bill and Karla’s first grandchild and Ronnie and Bonnie Harris’ 12th great grandchild.

Mark and Brad Hill started up a sawmill behind Marks’ house, but they moved it west somewhere by Seneca. Brad and his family moved there.

Bruce and Erica Holland had a bang of an anniversary on the Fourth of July and that was the only anniversary I had this week.

Fun Facts: Pleasant Hill had a teacher by the name of Paul Lindholm. He prepared a large kettle of vegetables and Mrs. Dora Frost fixed the meat and they served this to the 48 children from 1st through 8th grade for their Thanksgiving Dinner. How delicious it was on a cold day, compared to their usual cold sack lunches. That was one Thanksgiving they were truly thankful.

Thought: To fear death is to misunderstand life.

Until next week, God bless our little town.