Mt. Tabor Church

Mt. Tabor Church began with Brother Martin taking prayer requests and prayer by Sister Nina.

Brother Ric used Psalm 33 for his thought, Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord. We have just celebrated our independence day, and we know freedom isn’t free. A great price was paid for our freedom and we should be very thankful that our Lord was willing to give His life for each of us.

Mt. Tabor Church and community was sad to hear of the passing of Peggy Jenkins. Peggy and Glenn were our friends and neighbors and church family for many years.

Mt. Tabor Church will host the Gideons this Sunday evening at 6 p.m. After the program, Bill, Glen Dale and Dwight will have a song service of old songs from the Heavenly Highway hymnals, please come and join us. Refreshments will follow.

Many people had gatherings during this four day holiday with friends and family, food and fireworks.

Martin Hathcock’s visitors this past week were Albert Elliott and Jim Hathcock. Jim and Martin did some much appreciated work in the church, Monday.

Tom and Jewell Elliott visited one evening with Jim and Carla Hearod.

MaKayla and Logan Elliott spent Tuesday with Tom and Jewell.

Enjoying a late fourth of July with Ronnie and Pat Lansdown on Saturday was Doug and Kristie, Jadon and Kayley, of West Plains, David and Casey Guerin and girls. The group had a cookout and fireworks, later.

Paul Cox came one day and had lunch with mom, Myrl Cox. Jeanne Cox and Haley Richards visited Myrl, also.

Dan and Kim Clements and Morgan, joined Harold and Kay Hutchison on the fourth of July for barbeque. A good rain shower put a damper on the fireworks.

Harold and Kay Hutchison were in West Plains, Saturday, to attend the baptizing of their son, Harlin. They also stayed for refreshments and visiting.

Jeff and Kristy Tackett stopped by on their way home from camping at Oakland Bay to have lunch with Harold and Kay Hutchison, Saturday afternoon. Jayne Nash, of Lansing, KS., had spent the holiday with the campers and she and Kristy spent the night with Harold and Kay. They girls left for their homes early Sunday morning, after a fun night of playing games.

Pauline Richards visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Thursday.