Little Creek

This Sunday afternoon we have had two showers of rain, praise be to the Lord for we are thankful for each drop.

We had good services with Burl Conrad bringing God’s word today. He preached from St. John and Acts. I got a good message from the sermon and I’ll pass on something from Burl and that is that we all need to get self out of the way and let God do the talking. And if we walk and talk daily with the Lord the Holy Ghost will keep the devil at bay. That we can count on.

I was given a rare respite from being alone Saturday night when Greg and Karen came to spend the night. We went to bed at midnight and it felt like the evening just flew by. It was joyful to hear the noises of others around the house. I just have memories of a large vocal group of kids and husband and once in awhile I remind myself they all have families and full lives to live and that memories are precious and then I’m thankful to have such good ones, memories of 5 boistrous kids and assorted nieces and nephews and Mom and Daddy.

And that’s what we talked about last night. Greg is amazed at stories of our ancestors and how they survived back then with only a few acres of rugged Ozark soil and having to make if off that land.

And then I’m reminded of the many nights Daddy hunted and not for pleasure, but from necessity. He depended on his “tree” dog Old Tom Taylor to find the animal and then he and his gun did the rest. He tanned the hides and sold them for necessary items that couldn’t be raised such as shoes and coal oil, sugar and salt and that’s how the hill people lived. Hard work and common sense and common sense seems to have eluded many of our population in this day and age. I wonder how many would have common sense enough to survive if transplanted back to the time of our parents and grandparents.

Kevin and burr and Ruth and I had dinner together after church.

Karen came Saturday afternoon and went to Squires for a burn barrel and we then sat on the front porch to watch my trash burn. It pays to be watchful when it is dry. We hadn’t been getting any of the rain coming down all around us. And then we heard thunder, the wind picked up and blessed cool rain began to fall on our burn barrel. The temperature dropped from 90 degrees to 80 degrees. Karen brought my blanket and we spent a comfortable two hours on my porch “just a talkin.” I’ve been having tomatoes from Kasey’s and my garden. How wonderful to taste home-grown produce.

Trisha, my trusty housekeeper is here cleaning from my week’s end without her. She also delivers my news items to the Herald office, and she got two new games set up on my computer so you see she does so much for me. In addition to all this she gives massages. She should have been a massage therapist I tell her.

So she’s getting ready to leave with my news.

See you next week via’ newspaper.