Little Creek

Monday morning again and can’t get organized, but I should write a bit of news first thing.

I had my family for Sunday dinner. I promised chicken and dumplings so I made a perfect pot or so they bragged as to how good they tasted. I told them to enjoy because it was probably the last time I would be making dumplin’s because it hurt my back.

Well, Greg who is a dumpling lover, told me in a round about way that next time he would help me and learn to make chicken and dumplin’s, so I may hold him to it come family reunion time because one pot does not go around. I think Yvonne needs a dumplin’s partner.

And by the way, how many of you have your gift ready? I’m working on mine. You may buy something at a craft sale if you don’t relish doing something yourself. I hope many participated because it is fun.

See you Saturday of Labor Day and to make sure I have it right so Jim Turner does not tease me that is August 31st.

Burr and Ruth visited Sunday and I had phone visits with friends and sisters. I felt well enough to go to quilting club Wednesday and I enjoyed my time with quilting buddies. I finished hemming Ruth Evans’ quilt and I have Colleen’s ready to hem.

Kasey came with garden produce Sunday so now I have new potatoes, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers. He also brought two cherry patio tomato plants because he will be gone awhile soon and won’t be able to water them. They are ripening and are so good.

Burr and Ruth didn’t make a garden this spring, but Karen and Kasey keep me supplied. I’m going to miss the canning process this summer, but Kasey and Burr canned enough to last awhile. Greg decided he liked home canned green beans as opposed to store beans so I will help him.

Hello friends in far away places. That’s all I have.