Little Creek

Well, I was just reminded to send in my news and so I will try to remember two weeks of happenings.

Recently, I went to church Sunday morning for a good class under Danny Dry’s teaching. There was a class discussion and interaction which is always good.

Then Burr Taber gave the sermon from Revelations and other scripture. We must remember that the book of Revelations is not an ending, but a beginning. For when it has all been fulfilled, just think of what we have to look forward to when we all get to heaven.

Then I came home to dinner cooked by Kasey and Karen. We celebrated Kasey’s birthday which is the 10th. Karen made two smaller cakes and we had a good dinner. All my children and families, except Kim’s. Mitch Lakey was also here.

On the 4th all my same bunch with the addition of Jim and Jean Frye and Jo Delp, my two sisters. They stayed after everyone left and we watched recorded “Days Of Our Lives” and got caught up on back recordings. And it was so very nice to spend time with them.

We had grilled food with side dishes and homemade ice cream.

Reminding me of long ago Sudnays at my grandparent’s home where we had afternoon with many families. There was usually a big dinner on Ma’s big screened in porch and then later 3 or 4 ice cream freezers were made and eaten. Those are good memories.

My sister and I talked of Daddy awhile back and how he sang bass in church with Aunt Iva leading the song service. Daddy sang us girls a song that we are trying to remember called “The Preacher and The Bear.” We remember snatches of it, but would like to have the complete version. If anyone remembers, I would appreciate your help. My address is 369 Co. Rd. 838, Wasola, MO 65773.

I was happy to read Avis Johnson’s column last week. She had called me wondering if I had received her written memories, etc. So I’m happy they were found and published.

My sister, Jean Frye and husband, Jim, had Jim’s sister Lunabelle White visiting Sunday along with Lunabelle’s daughter, Brenda Teaslink and Brenda’s daughter, Alyssa and Joel Baker and two little girls named, Berkley and Charlie.

Also at Jean’s for dinner were Danny and Jamie Dry and Benji and Dana Dry and Rusty Frye and granddaughter, Autum Miller.

Dana is a good photographer and she took pictures of Alyssa’s two daughters.

Jean reminded me that a couple weeks ago James and Karen Degase visited as did Frank and Mary Williams.

Autum is still with great-grandma, Jean. She loves her great grandma as did her mother, Miya. Miya was always at Jean’s when she could manage to be and we miss her still and always will. But Autum reminded us of her mother so very much and has a lot of Miya’s mannerisms. Autum is looking forward to club Wednesday and everyone appreciates a cute little girl there to remind us of Nicole who used to come and who learned to quilt before she was very old. She came regularly and fit right in with us old foggies until school took her away. So we’ll see you there Autum!

I had James and Karen DeGase visiting one day recently. We talked our respective fathers and of old times. Now if I can remember all of it to put in my book. I would rather have things written down. My memory is not what it used to be.

That’s all from Little Creek until next week.

Hello to all my friends in many far away places who take the paper and read my items regularly. Especially Patty Jones, who recognized me in town and tells me she gets the paper in Arizona, I believe she lives there. I did not know Patsy, as I called her when she was my student at Clark those many years ago. Patsy was the cutest little girl and still is. She used to spend the night with me and if I’m not mistaken she was my pet.

Also hi to Betty and Linda in Arkansas and Ruth Huffman and all my friends. And Lorene, I owe you a letter!

Goodbye for now.