Blackberries have started getting ripe. We have not found a snake yet. The rabbits and road runners keep one pretty alert. We haven’t found a bear yet either. Oh the fun of blackberry picking. If you have never done it try it at least once.

While I was picking you think of all the use to be’s like I use to do this or that. Use to be fun and enjoyable. Shirley Halcomb and I use to have a lot of fun. Anyway I did. Of course James and me have some good laughs. I remember the folks milking cows by hand. Mom would strain so much milk in a pitcher to use for supper. Wash the milk buckets and go pick berries come in and can them. I grunt and grunt where they kept going and going.

Excitement Saturday morning when a truck burned on the ridge. We were picking berries and the smoke was really black. We prayed it was not a house or someone in it.

Sybil Harvill’s family have been in and out along with the kids, grandkids and her siblings and her in-laws.

Jerrry Nelson had a lot of company Sunday evening. Crissie his great-granddaughter had a birthday July 13th.

Garrison Church is having Bible School this week and program Sunday night. You are welcome, sometimes  people can’t make it every night so come when you can. I took a class for Shelby Jones and Melissa Payne who could not be there Monday night. James helped me and Rachel Hampton Burkhart. God sent me a blessing. I told some at Garrison I was old, I think I had her in Sunday school and her Mom and Dad probably. I was telling her daughter also, so I was thrilled about teaching Rachel’s kids and generations before. I found some Christmas books here at home where kids’ names were wrote out beside it. Time flies and things change.

Have a good weekend and ponder over good memories.