Several enjoyed the Fourth of July with family and friends. We spent a quiet time at home. Finally got our phone fixed. A lot of customers were out due to the wires being down. Ours had a double whammy. Lightning also had run in on ours, but it was fixed July 5th. We took Iona Maggard a cell phone to use over night while they were out. James and me visited her Tuesday evening and I visited her Wednesday.

Sunday Junior and Betty Halcomb ate dinner at David Halcomb’s.

Visitors of Iona Maggard Sunday were Ervin and Sandra Maggard and Valerie Austin, Phyllis Bloomer and granddaughter, Janie Morrison and Brandon Hampton.

Gary and Sandra Harvill’s family enjoyed fireworks on the fourth. The Nunby’s had theirs Saturday night. Bob and Barbara Day were having theirs Sunday night. I imagine lots of burgers and watermelon was ate over the fourth.

Sybil Harvill spent the fourth at Mick and Deb Harvill’s.

Thelma Posey called Monday. She enjoys their singing at the Senior Center on Monday nights. Bob Huskey entertained there. They have a good time.

Saturday we went to Lowe’s to deal on our carpet. Maybe we can get it down this week. Saturday evening we drove to Forsyth and came back around and visited Gordan and Zelda Jones. Their family spent the fourth on the creek and came home on Saturday evening. Russ and Stevie Jones and Tammy Payne stopped by.

George and Shirley Jones camped at Forsyth and Bob and Lou Rains’ family camped on Swan. All had a good time, only bad thing was sunburns.

The blackberries are slow ripening. I imagine these 90’s this week will put color to them.

I talked to Chloe Wolford a few times last week.

Dorrell and Florence Morrison’s daughter has been to Missouri and sold the Morrison’s place at Ozark.

Bible School at Garrison Church starts July 15th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. They serve good food, so join us if you can. Good teachers to teach your children about Jesus.

Have a good weekend.