Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, we had the privilege of attending Peggy Jenkins memorial service with a group of residents from our home and it was a beautiful sevice with many of her family and friends in attendance.  Peggy was an active person and managed to stay busy most of the time and we missed her today.

Daryl Knapp has been gone for quite awhile, so I was surprised when the cleaning supervisor  brought a picture to me today and said Daryl wanted me to have it. It is of a man and his horses and that is typical of Daryl since he was an outdoors man.  He loved animals and had raised many exotic breeds.

Sunday morning Bible Study was led by Larry Moore.  We have enjoyed the afternoon services with Gentry and Faith Rock Church.   We enjoyed all the great singing.

Monday’s Bible Study  led by Tom Hawkins was well attended by residents with one visitor present.  In the scripture a young man asked what he could do to be saved and Jesus told him what he could do, but he went away because he didn’t want to do what Jesus said.  Is Jesus the Lord of Your Life?  Think about it!

Monday morning instead of Yorik and Magik we had a new dog named Daxs who is training to be a volunteer campanion.   Jon and Marilyn Slanton are the trainers.

Amanda Mayberry, Judy Kent, Evelyn Harper, Warren Gunter, Carrie McIntosh and Jayma Potter are all great at calling games.

We have been missing Ruth Evans, her husband had surgery and she has been home with him.

The House to House Singers are a wonderful group who are here a couple times during the month.

Mary Catherine visited several residents this week with her dog.

The Men’s Bible Study today was well atttended.  The leader was Bro. Vic Murdy and some imput from Bro. John Haskins and others.  Then Bro. Vic tuned Dewey Simpson’s quitar and played it a little while, which we enjoyed very much.  Then at 10:30 the 1st Sonshine Group was here with singing and playing to cheer us up until lunch time.

After lunch we rested awhile until it was game time at 2:00 in the afternoon with Carrie calling the games.  She said she is going camping next weeek, so we will miss her then.  She said she played Bingo at our 4th of July Celebration and she won and that’s the first time she ever played.  She was thrilled.

Saturday I had a good work-out in our therapy gym and walked the hallway to exercise my leg.  The muscles had to be reconditioned following my recuperation.  To rest awhile I worked the jig-saw puzzle.  Then Loretta appealed to me to adjust her sewing machine and thread the needle.  I adjusted her scissors, too.  They were so tight I could hardly work them.  How she cut cloth is amazing becasue she can only use one arm after having a stroke.  She is sewing quilt pieces in her extra time.

We welcome new residents to our home, they are Herman Prock and Carl Smith.   Congratulations to Norma Shelton on getting to go home.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.