Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. It has been a quiet 4th of July in our home—many of our people went to be with family, but many visitors came to visit here as well.  It has been a wonderful 4th of July here.  Although, we really celebrated last Friday, the 28th of June when we had our celebration and fireworks, so, for us, today was after the fact.  We do have a wonderful country and are especially thankful for our freedoms.  The world news today on T.V. shows what they are fighting or rioting for in Egypt.  The freedoms we have in America.  Let us be sure we preserve these blessed freedoms and God Bless America.

I went to my son, Gary’s home to make ice cream, but by the time we had our hamburgers and watermelon that was too much so we postponed the ice cream and had it Sunday afternoon with a freshly baked cake and it was delicious and very much appreciated.  Alice really knows how to please.  Then Jean and I went to Bradleyville to Emma’s and Kates’ VBS  Bible School  Program, but we couldn’t find the place, but enjoyed the drive.    I have had a very good work -out in therapy. I love to work-out.

It was good to see new ones in Sunday School class and much sharp interest.  We urge everyone to attend at about a quarter until 10 a.m.  Larry Moore is good to come as our leader and we have Bro. John Haskins and Bro. Tom Hawkins to contribute many good thoughts to underscore our topic for the day.

I am glad to see some renewed interest in working our jigsaw puzzles.  There is one on the table and it is for anyone, so sit down and do your best.

Saturday evening my grandson and his family came to see me. He brought his guitar to play for us and he can play quite well for  no longer than he has been playing. It thrilled me because I played guitar and was hoping some of my young ones would learn to play.  Now, Emma is learning to pick out the notes while her Dad plays the chords-sounds good!

Our good friend and companion, Peggy Jenkins, has gone to glory and left us.  Bless her heart, her room was filled with lovely handmade pieces of furniture made by her son, her family will treasure that lovely furniture forever.  Her celebration of life is tomorrow for those of us able to attend.

On Tuesday as I was coming from therapy I smelled something delicious. Well, I looked in the activity room and guess what?  They had made some delicious, spicey muffins and invited me to try one with butter.  Well, they didn’t have to twist my arm, so  in spite of the fact that I had just had dental work done, I couldn’t resist.   They were as delicious as they smelled.   Connie’s granddaughter, Emma Jean, was the main cook.  She said they were just right.  I hear they will be served at the Rooster’s Cafe in the morning  I hope you get one, or two!

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Peggy Jenkins, she will be missed along with her family.

We welcome Norma Shelton, Lavelle Headley, Mary Guthery and  Wilburn Hutchison.

Congratulations to  Jimmy Albrecht on getting to go home this week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.