Well we’ve had a few days of typical July weather, hot and humid, needing a good rain, but everything is still green.

This Tuesday morning is beautiful.

My family from Moberly came down June 27th, a Thursday and stayed until Saturday. Debbie and Shelby Hutchison, Jamie Snodgrass, Bailee, Lauryn and Hayden. We took sandwiches and they played in Brush Creek and then Friday night we enjoyed a weiner roast here at my house with the following: Ann Collins, Bertha and Dean Scherer, Karen and Doug Fredrick, Janet Smith, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw, David, Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith. Oh yes the kids made smores also.

I talked to Beverly Emery and she said Bill is doing a lot better.

Extending my deepest sympathy to Michell Tatera in the loss of her mother, also to the Charles McCleary family.

Calvin Driskell, Trish and the girls, Amanda and Rebecca spent an enjoyable day at Hammond Camp, ond day last week.

Ann Collins and Ella May Daugherty went to Rockbridge after church Sunday and ate. Then we came by Ada Beard’s and visited awhile Sunday.

Carol Wise of Mountain Grove visited her Mom, Ann Collins on Monday and did some painting for her.

Until next time, stay well and God bless.