Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Rain, rain stay and bless our land today. At church Sunday we were talking about receiving such a wonderful rain, and some neighbors said that they had not received any rain for weeks. Maybe, these last few showers have also given moisture to those who have been needing rain so desperately. Gardens were starting to dry up if you were not watering them, so now God is doing the watering for us. Praise Him!

Sunday, we missed Larry and Wanda and their family at church, they had went on a vacation. I hope they had a safe trip and had a great time. Jon said Grace was so excited about everything she was seeing.

Donald was at church Sunday, but still recooping, so Jon brought the message for us. God is blessing him with some good messages. He also preached Sunday night, which was our youth night.

Monday night starts our Vacation Bible School; I think I am almost ready. That is better than I am most years a week before it starts. I hope to see lots of youth and lots of adults there, so we can learn about Jesus in a fun and exciting way. I can still remember some of my VBS from my childhood, so I know this is important to kids.

I had my grandson, Braxton over the weekend and Dustin’s kids and they played all day Saturday. It is so good to watch my grandkids have fun together. I fixed lunch for Shawn and Braxton on Sunday (Miranda was sick) and Monday night I cooked a birthday supper for Tina and had the whole family down. We were missing Braxton for that meal. Happy belated birthday Tina.

As Jon preached Sunday, the end of time is coming near, maybe for the world or maybe just for you. Are you ready if today is your last day on earth have you made preparations to meet God? He loves you and is waiting to hear from you.

Till next time, have a great week and help tell someone about God.