Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hi, how are all you today. I have just driven home through a nice refreshing rain shower. I know the plants enjoyed the nice cool drink, it washed the dust off the leaves of the trees that stand beside the edge of the road, so they look pretty and green. I got home and my grandkids were here to greet me. Well, truth be known I think they were just ready for a dip in the pool and waiting for us to get home. But, it is nice to come home to my kids. Now they are playing and I am trying to catch up on housework and my article.

At church Sunday we didn’t think we were going to have a preacher. Apparently Roger was supposed to find someone to preach for Donald who is still under the weather. He forgot of course. We got to church and called Jon and he was already almost to another church. Sometimes we forget that God is really in control and works things out the way He wants them. Donald did show up for church and with the message that God had given him.

Miss Crissie came to church Sunday and told us she had just turned nine years old. We sang Happy Birthday to a very special young girl.

I had my granddaughter Alexis with us for church Sunday and several other people were there with young children. It is always good to be in church with lots of kids.

Shawn and Miranda ate lunch with us Sunday and I fixed supper Thursday night for Dustin and Tina. We were celebrating Dustin’s birthday.

Donald said he still has pneumonia and so does our son, Dustin. I told Donald they just need to put both of them in a room until they get well. Donald said that would be great if the room was down at the lake where they could get lots of fishing time.

Sunday night Jon Mitchell brought the message for us. It was a message about God does things in His time. That is so hard for us because we pray and want things right now. God knows what is best we just have to trust in Him.

We had our vacation Bible School plans set for the last week of July. I hope we have lots of kids and we also need lots of adults to help with lessons, crafts and the food. This is such a wonderful opportuntiy to teach young people about Jesus. If you can’t help then remember us in your prayers.

I guess I better sign off and get back to my grandkids. Spend some time this week with someone you love, and tell everyone you meet that God loves them.

See ya soon.