Dogwood Ramblings

Last Saturday I did some mowing, even though we had only received one-half inch total from the rain showers over 3 days.  But, I give thanks in prayer for every drop!  Now, at least for a few days, those toe-popper weeds are mowed down.  Sunday night we were blessed with another .4 inch of rain!

Phone calls have come here from Herald readers as well as personal contacts, in support of what I have previously written in this column and they are not happy with some of the column being censored before the paper is printed.  Some have said that Dogwood Ramblings is the first thing they look for in the paper. A couple of weeks ago I gave some very detailed information on the Supreme Court and their recent action that opens the door for gay “marriages”, naming those Justices who were for and those who were against…it was censored.  I referred also to morality.  And, I referred to the National Day of Prayer being cancelled by the White House (although I am beginning to think that is the wrong color), again, censored.

Many phone calls this week!  Granddaughter Regina called from Oregon where she is busy with higher education, her hubby, her son (who still wants to return to Missouri), and raising some chickens and cattle.  Those of you who know Regina know how tiny she is.  Yet, she is out putting up fence and repairing fences.  I spoke with my sister in Torrance, CA and she was complaining how very dry it is there, not far from the Pacific Ocean.

I am on the Missouri “No Call” list but it is amazing what calls come through.  Many political calls, some other calls saying they want to help me with credit cards and/or banking, some calls saying they are doing surveys.  Then, I received an e-mail telling me to contact them because a large estate was available under the Boeddeker name.  Yeah!  Right!  Scams come from everywhere and we have to be so careful.  Many are suffering due to the economy and the thought of “free” money is overly tempting.  Tread with care!

The Missouri Conservation Department is right now advertising for a holiday tree for the governor’s office in Jefferson City this December.  A “holiday” tree????  At the risk of being called a grumpy old woman, I am offended that they are looking for a “holiday tree”, not for a Christmas tree.  Political correctness has gone too far!

Did you know that June 6th, 2013 was the 69th anniversary of D-Day?  In these 69 years only four times did our nation’s leader not visit the D-Day Memorial to honor our military, their sacrifice.  Those years were 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Guess who refused?

What do you recall of Roman history, the coliseum games, the gladiators, and the slaughter of Christians by both beast and man?  Now, we have movies and television, satellite, music, sports, etc. as our “coliseum”, to detract us from national and world events and so that we don’t take the time to know what is going on around us.  We are being “dumbed down” and de-sensitized to faith, to politics, to crime, to our world, our nation.  It worked in Rome back then and is working world-wide now.

It is so very good to hear again from Jamey Herd.  Please do pray for her, for those she mentions, and do pray for our nation and our world.  Frances Aid and Sherwood Aid remain in the nursing home so please do pray for them and their family.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist had a very good VBS with good attendance. The workers were tired but very satisfied with it all. Debbi Williams and Pat worked making tie dye t-shirts for everyone. I only made a grocery run for them but didn’t help out otherwise. Joan Workman did some really nice decorations for the Hay Days theme. I think there was someone who helped her with it as I wasn’t able to do so. My dizziness has improved a great deal and I thank God for his blessings.

Joan Workman reports the Dogwood-Pleasant Hope School reunion for the Dogwood community will be on Sunday afternoon, August 10, at 1 o’clock at the Bruner Community building. Bring your favorite pot luck dish. Invite someone and attend.

Pat Williams has been under the weather with asthma and had to seek medical help. Also Elaina Nelson is not doing well and we ask for prayers for her. She had a medical procedure recently and it may not have worked. Also we had a call from Kenneth Lupton in Indiana. He is to have back surgery again. He also reports Joanne has a blood clot. Wanda Dugan missed church and I just heard she went to Urgent Care with an eye problem. She is to follow up with a specialist.

I heard the horrible news of someone going into the First Baptist at Norwood and firing shots today. Our world has changed so and we are not even safe worshiping God in church. Be much in prayer for our nation and its leaders and our people.

We were blessed this morning with music from Cindy Winslow and the group Faithful. Susan Sinclair, Mary Bumgarner and Sue Brown make up the group. Cindy is Jim Cudney’s daughter. It is always such a blessing to hear them sing.

Till next time God Bless.