Dogwood Ramblings

I have a tendency to be outspoken on some topics (what a surprise!), especially what is going on in our government.  For this reason, portions of my submitted columns have been deleted before publishing, most likely as inappropriate for the intent of the column.  Perhaps I should consider letters to the editor in these instances.  Having access to the Internet and so much information makes me want to share some of what I learn.  And then again, perhaps you don’t want to know what I read and what I think!

Like many of you, I am finding that trees and plants need watering.  One of my birch trees is losing leaves, and the leaves on some plants appear to be withering.  From many folk around this nation I have been hearing they are either having too much rain or are in a drought situation.  Several of my relatives cannot get out to plant crops in their fields due to mud, and for some the fields are too dry.  This will affect our food prices and the price for animal feed and will be noticed in the grocery stores.  The past two years the weather has been weird all over this nation.  Locally I’ve heard some to say they cannot afford to water their vegetables and flowering plants as it is expensive and hard on wells.

Someone told me recently that those doggone weeds that grow so tall in the yard are called “toe poppers” because if you walk there with sandals or barefoot, the flowers in those skinny stems get caught in your toes.  I haven’t mowed in awhile and won’t until we get some moisture, for fear of killing what grass has survived thus far.

Some friends left this area for South Carolina for a week.  They report their trip was almost all rain and that they didn’t see the sun shine until they returned to Missouri.  Sure wish they’d brought some of that rain back here with them.

Have you had difficulty getting someone to work on your appliances?  Douglas County truly does need someone qualified to work on washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, cook stoves, etc.  It used to be one could count on their appliances lasting at least 20 years, and we used to have technicians in this area capable of keeping them running.  Now, appliance life-spans are said to be deliberately ten years (even by salespeople), and many of us simply don’t have the income to replace appliances.  Besides, any technicians available would of necessity add on many travel miles to your bill.

Whatever your plans for this summer, I wish you good health and safe travels.