Dogwood Ramblings


Jeff Reeves was here again and bless his sweet heart and he worked out in the hot sun for four hours.  For sure he was taught a work ethic.  Bob Wagner and I have been mowing again.  We met under a tree and exchanged a few kind words.  Bob even trimmed off a low hanging dead branch that has been deviling me for some time.  With the heat, it has been necessary to water the weeping willow.  It had turned yellow almost overnight, is green once more.

Patsy Williams called with a “Praise Item”.  Her son Rory Scott Williams works at St. John’s (Mercy) and on Monday was on his way there when his Buick started smoking.  He was just able to get it to the side of the road and barely got out of the car when it burned.  Highway Patrol, etc. came.  The family is just so pleased Scott is safe.  On Sunday the usual family group was at Patsy’s.  Her daughter Miki Williams came for overnight.  Miki works at the new Casey’s in Ava.  Ron and Debbie came as well as Debbie’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dyer, all from Springfield, and they celebrated Vernon’s 4th of July birthday a few days early.

I have been reading the Gospels and encourage all to do so.  They are as alive today as when Christ was on earth.  We had best be educated and forewarned of what was promised would be coming at any time.  Are you ready?  Are any of us ready?

A cousin in Hillsboro, ND sent me a picture of a tree and his car in his yard.  The strong storms there broke off a huge limb of the tree and it barely missed his auto.  I hear from grandson Nick that there has been so much rain in western ND that many roads are closed.  These folk suffered last year from flooding.

Granddaughter Rachelle is now out of the Navy.  She is living in Virginia and has an interesting job.  I called granddaughter Lindsay in CA and she is doing well and has a good job of promoting pet products.  So many of my family and friends are now on Facebook and I’m giving it a try, carefully!  One needs to be careful with information on this site so it doesn’t turn around and bite you.