County Line

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She took Reece to Camp Piland.

Donna, Megan Goforth and Macee Breeding took me to the kidney doctor in Springfield on Tuesday. I got a good report. We had lunch at Ozark at Lambert’s.

David Dodson and Quin Breeding visited Mike, Chase and Bryse Dodson on Tuesday.

Reece came home from Camp Piland on Wednesday night where he had been a helper.

Donna and Macee were here on Thursday. We went to a yard sale.

David and Donna went to Springfield on Friday. Donna had a doctor appointment. They did a little shopping and had lunch. She got a beautiful dozen roses Wednesday from David for their anniversary.

Reece and Megan Goforth spent Friday night with their Grandma Glenda. Megan also stayed Saturday night. Reece spent Saturday night with Hunter Downs.

Mike, Corrina, Chase and Bryse went to Mt. Vernon Saturday for Bryse to play baseball. They won 2 out of 3.

John and Jo Stephens met Lana and Misty for lunch one day.

Seth Hensley and girlfriend, Laken, visited John and Jo Stephens on Sunday.

Reece attended the fireworks at the Nazarene Church on Sunday evening.

Keith and Melanie took Quin and Macee to see the fireworks at the nursing home Friday evening. Then on Sunday evening they and Megan went to Walnut Grove for their celebration.

Melanie Breeding went with Holly Breeding and other family members to Springfield Saturday.

Quin and Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna. Macee went to church with Donna Sunday morning. David was sick Saturday night and Sunday.