Breedon News

6-30-13. Good morning and a nice cool morning it is. Today’s Sunday school lesson started with the reading of Psalms 121. Opening prayer was given by Brother Lee Hampton. Our lesson was taken from Galatians the third chapter. Paul is addressing them to receive the spirit of Christ, but is explaining to them the Holy Spirit cannout be received in Jesus Christ.  Paul goes on to inform them if they are placing their faith by keeping the law they are cursed. The law was given as a school master looking to the establishing of grace and mercy being obtainable only through His son, Jesus Christ. The law cannot save anyone. Even when this law was given, the people could not do every work and commandment that was written so animal sacrifices were being matched according to their sins. If you broke one commandment, your broke the entire law. But if you kept the instruction of what sacrifice was required you were looking forward to the promised Messiah Jesus Christ. His grace covers them in past, present and future. By faith we are God’s children. There is no work we could do to inherit God’s promise. I have heard people say, “if I keep the Ten Commandments, I will be just fine.” Well, no you can’t nor will you. There is no one that can keep the entire law. You might not commit murder or adultery, but can you keep from wishing you had some possession another has? Have you always been truthful? I know as humans there is no one that can keep God’s wrath and punishment unless the blood of Christ has been applied. The only covering to your sins is Jesus and your faith in Him. Have you accepted Him? Have you asked Him to be your Savior?

Our service changed to congregational and special singing. David Williams, Susie Sisco and Sidney Wiliis had special music. We are glad to have her and her brother, Isaac, and parents, Michael and Laura Willis. We enjoy them visiting and Laura said she would bring a special the next time she visited. We look forward to that. She has such a beautiful soprano voice.

Brother “Cub” took the pulpit and brought the message from Galatians the fourth chapter. This follows what we studied in our Sunday school. We are joint heirs of Christ and by adoption are the children of God just as Isaac was. Abraham had a child by a bondwoman which was born of the flesh. This son was not the child of promise, but Isaac who was born by promise to Abraham and Sarah who wanted a child is showing us that we are free as he was. Why do we as people take the harder road that is holding us in bondage? Satan has a snare that will keep you in the bondage of sin. I don’t believe anyone would want to be held in jail or prison continuous so why do we let Satan trick us to be his prisoners? The gospel is simple. Just accept Jesus as your Savior and you are free. You are no longer a prisoner of Satan. So simple yet so many reject it. I hope all who reads this letter will accept Jesus and put your faith in Him to mediate before an all-righteous, all mighty God who cannot look on sin. Your blood covering for your sin can only be obtained by Jesus being your Savior. He is the only one and only way back to God.

We will be having a fish fry, singing and fireworks next Sunday, July 7th. Everyone is welcome. We will be eating at 6:00 p.m., singing approximately at 7:00 or 7:30 p.m. the firework display will be after it gets dark. Bring your lawn chairs and desire for fun and fellowship. God bless you all and have a good week.