Breedon News

Well I can’t believe that July is nearly over. I don’t know about all of you, but it seems to me like the month went fast. Of course all of us have been busy.

Starting Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the 120th Psalms. Danny Lee led in prayer. Our lesson was the first chapter of Ephesians. It is a very short book. The subject was how great is God’s power. It is best not to get out of favor with God. He will let you know fast, how powerful he really is. We had questions and answers. We have seven more for next week. You would be surprised at how much we learn and it stays with you longer because you had to hunt through the scriptures to find the questions. We sure enjoy hunting them up.

Danny Lee took up the morning offering. Lee Hampton prayed the offering prayer. We had congregational singing. Then our primary class sang. The 11 o’clock service Joe Lafferty preached the 1st chapter of Ist Peter. Subject was the trial of our faith. Be obedient children. We sang our invitational song. Bro. Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer. This was the fourth Sunday and the Gentry Church hosted it. Next month it will be at Faith Rock in Ava in August.

Evening service began with singing. Joe Lafferty’s text was from 2nd Peter, 2nd chapter. Subject was false teachers and preachers. You have to know and pray and watch that they are God’s people and not be led astray. We had a few testimonies and we were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.

Lets pray for each other as we travel this path, that we may be a light to others.

God bless.