Breedon News

7-21-13. Well here we are again from Breedon. We had twenty-two for Sunday school and church. That’s real good for us. We sure enjoyed one of Joe’s grandkids, Larry Lafferty and family. Then we had Jerry and  Neve Maggard. It sure did my heart good to see everyone there.

Our lesson was the 6th chapter of Galatians. We will start in Ephesians next Sunday.

Opening prayer was led by David Williams. Joe read chapter 131rd Psalms. Offering prayer was by Danny Lee.

Happy Birthday was sung to Lee Hampton.

The congregation sang three songs. David Williams played for us.

Joe Lafferty’s sermon was found in the first chapter of James, testings of faith.

We sang the invitational song and Danny Lee dismissed in prayer.

The evening services started with congregational singing.

Joe Lafferty preached the 11th chapter of St. John. The subject was about Lazarus, when he died and Jesus brought him back to life. Mary and Martha were his sisters, a real good lesson. One of these days Jesus will come to get his children, so we want to be ready.

Stay close to Jesus and live the best you can with Jesus’ help, we’ll make it.

The service ended with everyone testifying. We had a good spiritual service. We were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.

P.S. Don’t forget the Fourth Sunday Singing is at Gentry Baptist Church.

Until next time.