Bethany Baptist Church

We were glad to see that the Corders and Banks had returned safely from their travels out of state last week. It seems that every summer folks take trips to visit family or just to see America or even to travel abroad. Almost everyone says that they are glad to get back home. Jim and Ruby were back in time for us to sing, “Happy Anniversary” to them. They have been married over 50 years and have been a good example of what a good marriage can be.

The Lord blessed us with those showers that we had prayed for, that is some of us got those showers, but some did not. It was still pretty dry south of town. We have heard that it rains on the just and the unjust, so we just keep praying for the rains to fall on the fields of our neighbors. And when we get extra tomatoes and other garden produce, we bring the extra to the church and set it down by the door. Then when they get the rains, they share with us.

Pastor and Darlene Sorensen hosted another Pizza and Movie Night, Friday evening. The pizza was good as usual and the movie, “The Woodcarver,” was an inspiring story to encourage us to think about the challenge, “What Would Jesus Do?”

The Young Women N Christ meet Monday afternoons at 3:30 for a Bible Study and for some craft fun. Darlene Sorensen is the teacher for that. Some of those young ladies sang a special song, Sunday morning, before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message on the reliability of our Bible.

He chose to speak on the Bible because of those who deny that the Bible is the verbally inspired word of God or who deny certain parts. Still other people just disregard the Bible as applicable to their daily lives, and some add to or take away from the message of the Bible by saying that other writings are just as inspired. But there are those who delight in the word of God and believe all the Bible even those parts that are hard to understand, or seem to contradict what we believe, or convicts us for our own actions.

Why do we believe that the Bible is the infallible inspired word of God? Jesus gave testimony to the truth of the Old Testament books by quoting some portion or referring to the events recorded there. We have the testimony of fulfilled prophecies, a great deal of which are now history. There is a unity of message and purpose from 40 different writers who wrote over a long period of hundreds of years. That could only happen with one Author inspiring them all. We also see as evidence the indestructibility of the Bible which although it has been burned, banned, and battered by critics, still stands. We see transformed lives, an inexhaustible source of spiritual sustenance, and an inward witness by the Holy Spirit who also inspires us with faith to believe it.