Bethany Baptist Church

Several of the folks from Bethany Baptist Church went to the Ava Square, Saturday morning, to give free bottles of water to the people who went by. The Farmer’s Market is almost as much fun as a small Country Fair or a harvest festival. There were all sorts of crafts, baked goods, jams and jellies, potted plants, chickens, guineas, etc. not to mention the fresh garden produce.

The Corders and the Banks were off on vacations and family reunions this last week and were really missed, Sunday.

Music practice starts at 4:15 each Sunday afternoon for those who want to do vocal and instrumental specials and want some help or accompaniment to do so.

Each Saturday morning, Bethany Baptist Church member, Norma Stillings plays the piano at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center. Tom Hawkins, also a member of our church, but formerly from the church at Mound, reads the Bible and give an explanation of what he reads. Residents gather around to hear this. During the past few months three of the most faithful have passed away. It is important to keep our friends at the nursing home in our prayers and to visit with them.

This Friday evening, July 19, the church will be having its (home made) Pizza and Movie night. It starts at 5:30 PM and generally lasts a couple of hours.

Next Thursday, July 25, the ladies will meet at 8:15 for a Bible Study. They will conclude a study of Leviticus with all its sacrifices and instructions for Sabbaths and feasts.

Darlene Sorensen sang a special song before, Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message he called, “The Payoff.”

Romans 6:23 tells us that the wages of sin is death, first the physical death that all face, then the second death that comes to those who never repent before God. The second death is the eternal separation from God in Hell from which there is no escape. However, death is not the only consequence for sin. There is also a sense of shame, and a fear, for even if we have fooled all of those around us, we know that God knows all the hidden sins, even the very thoughts, that have not been blotted out by the Blood, and will bring them to view in the judgment. Sin brings sorrow, breaks hearts, takes away peace, and leaves us helpless and hopeless when the life we built without God crumbles away beneath us.

But God did not stop there. He offers to every sinner the free gift of eternal life. He offers his love, joy, peace, strength, hope, and comfort. Jesus the Son of God suffered the pain of crucifixion and of Hell so that no sinner needs go there. But each one must decide for himself. You can accept the sacrifice made by God’s own Son, whose blood sacrifice alone can satisfy the demand, or you can drift along and pile up more sin, more sorrow, and no one knows when death will come.