Bethany Baptist Church

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen and their daughter, Sally, hosted a 4th of July gathering at their home last Thursday. Families represented were the Woods, Banks, Stillings, Priddy, Corders, and Rogers. Some of them played volleyball, everybody visited, and no one went away hungry.

There was a work day Saturday morning. Among the people working that morning were members of the Sorensen, Banks, Corder, Rogers, Stillings, Priddy, and Owen families. It makes a good clean-up and building maintenance much easier when there are a lot of hands at work.

The Young Women-N-Christ are still meeting each Monday afternoon at 3:30. They have a Bible Study, crafts, and snacks as well. Darlene Sorensen is the teacher/sponsor for that group.

Phil and Emily Hulett and their children, Baker and Katie Rae were special guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday. They were presenting their burden for the unreached villages in Alaska. There is a very high rate of alcoholism and suicide in these remote villages. It can be said that they are without Christ and without hope in this world. Phil and Emily have begun the process to take the good news of salvation to them.

Phil and Emily sang special songs before the morning and afternoon services. Phil brought a message from a familiar passage about David and Goliath. When challenged for his boldness concerning Goliath, David, said “Is there not a cause.” This was God’s chosen people that had come up against Israel. Goliath was so big that the Jews fled, but David knew that Goliath was no match for God.

We have “Goliaths” in our lives we struggle with, things that stop us from serving God, things like pride, fear, or sin. God gives strength and power to overcome the “Goliaths” in our lives. Make faith in and prayer to God the first weapon you pick up in that battle. Don’t wait until some doctor tells you that you have only 6 months to live, to start serving the Lord.