Basher News

I spent a few days with Barb and Jack last week.

One day Barb came from Mountain Grove and took me to the S&H Fish Farm. I caught a nice catfish.

Bob and Linda have been helping get my yard cleaned up, getting rid of some brush. We appreciate our mowers that do the mowing for us.

Buddy and June Stewart visited me on Saturday. We had a good time.

Barb and Jack came by after church on Sunday and fixed lunch and ate with me.

I’m glad my sister, Nora, is doing better. Bob and Linda stopped by to see Les and Nora one day. Sis, Violet, is doing pretty good and Hugh is about the same.

Bob and Linda went to church on Sunday. On Friday night they took me to town and we sat in the car and watched some fireworks.

Until next week, God bless.