Ava Place

We have enjoyed a wonderful week at Ava Place.  Our administrator Debra Dade RN attended a training seminar to help us provide even better service for our residents.  She participated in a virtual reality dementia program, which she wants to have the staff experience.

Last week was the birthday of resident Nancy Wellman and staff member Amber Lumley.   Sonic Drive-In sponsored our Sundae Sunday for National Ice Cream Day.  Jessie provided us with 26 Ice cream sundaes. This was such an amazing treat for them to have and they were very excited anticipating this wonderful goody!  Everyone enjoyed their special made to order treat.

We enjoyed the music and talents of Traveling Strings, Guitar Gospel and House To House Ministries.


“You’re My Somebody Special”


Ava Place is starting to publish a weekly “You’re My Somebody Special” spotlight. All residents of Ava place will eventually be spotlighted.  I must say it is a lot of fun interviewing the residents and learning of their early life and their wishes. Today’s spotlight is Ardath Davidson.





This weeks Someone Special is Mrs. Lola Graham. Mrs. Lola is one of our newest residents at Ava Place.  She was born as Lola Melissa Wright on March 9, 1922. She was born in Omaha Arkansas.  Her family moved to Missouri when she was nine years old.  She has three brothers and five sisters.  One sister is still living. She is two years older then Lola.  They speak on the phone often.   She was named after a cousin she believes, but not positive.  In 1942 when she was 19 years old she married Jessie “Jess” Graham in Ava, MO. This is also where they made their home.  They had 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls.  They took care of many children that were not theirs as well.  Mrs. Lola loved children.  She also loved to bake. She made wedding and anniversary cakes and also made horn rolls.  Many people bought her rolls.  Those that didn’t know her name called her the “roll lady”.  Her rolls traveled around the United States with family members and friends making it as far as California.  They would fill up ice chests when they came to visit so they could have them for special occasions.  When asked what her biggest accomplishment in her life was she answered, “Enjoying my family and taking care of my husband.” I asked her what she would do if she won the lottery, her reply,  “Spend it for what I need and help those in need.”  Mrs. Lola has helped others all her life. She is one of the sweetest little ladies you would ever want to meet.  I am sure many of you in the Ava area know her already.  Please stop by and say Hi, she would enjoy the visit!

We are looking forward to Mrs. Lola teaching us to make her famous horn rolls soon!

May God keep you safe and well.