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Hellen Blakey</p>
<p>Bonnie Phipps told me that the families all met at Michael’s home Friday to watch the fireworks at the nursing home, those present were Michael and Wendee Freeman, Matt, Madison, Sydnee and Alexis, Bonnie Phipps, Cecilia Edwards, Roy and Linda Freeman, Ken and Debbie Cederlind, Moe and Kaylynn Todd and Alaya, Lonnie Crim, Logan, Alexa and Paola. Bonnie said that Lonnie and Pam had bought a place down in Branson so she will have granddaughter and family closer to her now.

Tara brought Jett over last Monday and at noon Kristie brought Lakota over to stay until James got off work and then they went to her ballgame.

I took my news in last Tuesday and when I got back Kay Hutchison came by and picked up my food and took it over to Ric Engelhardt so he could take it to the Piland Youth Camp to be used Wednesday.

Steve Duckworth came over Wednesday and cut my grass and later on that day Mark Blakey and Ellis Blakey came by. Tara brought Jett over Thursday and later on Nina Carter dropped off some tin cans, Evelyn Bryan and Violet came later on and picked up their eggs.

Friday I received .3/4 of an inch of rain, Sunday I got .1 of an inch.

I took eggs to the ladies in the courthouse Friday then I went and got some medicine before I did some business in town. That afternoon I received a call from Mary Ann Gardner who is a sister to Ray Blakey and she told me that Ray’s wife, Leota, had passed away October 16, 2012.

Sherry Blakey and Lora Kay Davis came by Saturday and then Lois McKeel came later and picked up four quilt blocks to do for me. All that don’t have your block to me, you have until July 13th and that will be the day I give the blocks to the one to put it together. June Hanger dropped her block off this evening.

Norma and Kimberly Blakey and Zoey came by Sunday evening and dropped off their quilt block before going on out to the Nazarene Church to watch the fireworks. Then I went up to the nursing home and visited with Roxie Heimeyer, Irene Richards, Marie Dickey, Bea Christie and Connie. When I stopped to see Peggy Jenkins and Dorthy Bock they both were asleep so I didn’t wake them up.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers and say one for the ones that is in the nursing home.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.