I talked with Bonnie Phipps this morning and she was just fine.

Tara brought Jett over last Monday and after she picked him up I went to the nursing home and visited with Irene Richards, Lenora Burton and Marie Dickey.

I took my news and eggs in last Tuesday evening.

Kristie came by on her way home Wednesday and helped me fill out some papers and then she finished her quilt block.

I went over to Dustin and Kelsey’s and saw my new great-grandson, Bentlee and the whole time I held him he kept his eyes closed. He sure is sweet and they both are doing just fine.

Tara brought Jett over Thursday. I am getting a few tomatoes off my vines now.

Friday was Anita Smith’s birthday and I took her a card and a loaf of bread, but she wasn’t home so I left it on her door step. Then I went over and got some milk and bread before I went home.

Friday I received .8 of an inch of rain and Sunday the Lord blessed me with 1.3-1/3 of an inch by 10 p.m. Sunday after church Jo Stephens and I went over to the nursing home and visited with quite a few of the people there and then we went over to Albert Erickson’s visitation.

It sure did rain hard in town so they probably got more than I did again.

Lets keep our sick folks in our prayers.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Albert Erickson and Brummet family and all the others who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.