Bonnie Phipps and I talked and she said that her and Cecelia Edwards went to church Sunday.

I took my news in last Monday and stopped by KKOZ and dropped a loaf of bread off and took eggs over by the eye doctor.

I went to town Wednesday and paid some bills and got some groceries. That evening Nina Carter stopped by on her way home.

Thursday  morning I went down to where Vernal and Ellen had their camper at the Castle View RV Resort. After supper we had homemade ice cream and was it ever good.

When it got dark we went out and set in a glider swing and looked up the lake and watched all the fireworks go off. Monica came down Thursday evening and ate supper with us and she did her quilt block, but she took it home with her to show Joel.

Thursday and Friday night we set around the camp fire and talked and that was nice.

Saturday evening we all went over to Les and Shirley Muncy’s friend, Don and Nesell’s home at Kimberling City and ate supper with them and their friend Gary and Julie and then we set and watched the fireworks go off down by the lake and this time we were closer and they were more beautiful.

Ellen’s mother had been down at the camp staying in Vernal and Ellen’s camper and she is doing lots better.

Sunday morning we had brunch and was it good because I got to eat biscuits, gravy, deer meat, sausage, and eggs.

I left down there at one and then I met Monica on my way back and got her quilt block, then I stopped and got me some milk and on top of Kissee Mills hill I stopped and filled up with gas so it was late when I got home and unloaded. It was then time to go to our business meeting at church. When that was over I went to the nursing home to be with Marie Dickey. When I got home I had a message on my phone that Troy Herd had passed away and so had Peggy Jenkins.

Troy was Marie’s younger brother. The Herd family and Jenkins family have my prayers and sympathy and all the others who have lost loved ones.

Keep those prayer going for all our sick folks and my prayers goes outto all my church families.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones who are in training in our prayers.