St. Francis Church

Sunday, June 9 was the Second Sunday after Trinity. Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the gospel for the day, St. John 3:13, “Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you…” In this passage St. John discusses the conflict between Christian values and worldly values. Wordly values are based on material things and weath, but it is the duty of the Christian to value spiritual life and aspire to a better world , as well as to share his worldy wealth with those in need, we must used our resources to help others.

On Wednesday evenings we continue to have evening prayer at 6:30 p.m. followed by Bible study in which we are reading Isaiah and are now more than halfway through.

Brian Connell and sons, Chandler and Lincoln, had interesting stories and photos to share from their experience at a World War II re-enactment they had participated in the week before in Peoria, Illinois, including photos taken on a real tank.

Fr. Glen had a brief visit from Ella Jean (Dixon) Heigham who was on her way to a family reunion. She reported on the progress of her huband, Fr. Lew Heigham Jr. who is still recuperating from a bad fall.

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