St. Francis Church

Sunday, June 2 was the first Sunday after Trinity. Altar and vestment colors are green, the color of growth.

Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the gospel for the day, St. Luke 16:19, the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Many of the scripture readings during Trinity involve parables, which are stories that convey some truth or moral lesson. Jesus uses these because they convey meaning better than theological sermons and have one main point or message.

In this parable, Jesus compares two people who are in opposite situations in life, one poor and the other addicted to his wealth. But when they die their situations are reversed based on they way they lived on Earth: only Lazarus goes to heaven. The lesson is the proper use of means and opportunity.

Congratulations to Rita Fancher who took three ribbons in the Ava Art Guild annual Spring Art Show, and to Lincoln Connell’s girlfriend, Hannah Romaker, who had a blue ribbon for her entry.

Apologies to Joe Criswell, whose name was left out of last weeks notice. Joe led the morning prayer service the week before in Bishop Hartley’s absence.

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