I have been busy this week. I didn’t make it to church Sunday, I was with my mom, Nora Hunsaker. She had a bad spell on Friday morning and we rushed her to the hospital by ambulance where she had emergency surgery to get a pacemaker put in. She is doing very well now, better color and no more dizzy spells. My sister, Helen Cook has been a big help with us both taking turns seeing about mamma. My other sister, Violet Flair was out of town at the time of mammas surgery but has been to see about her since returning home and kept in touch while away too.

My brother and sister-in-law, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, have been a big help this week with installing laminate flooring in the house in town.

Beth Stafford has blessed us with very good meals while we are working on the house in town. Johnathon Snelson has been busy mowing their lawn and he also, mowed  for his grandma Pam Snelson.

Delmar and I ate lunch with Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams on Sunday. Delmar brought fried chicken for our lunch.

We have visited with Sue Jones, Jack and Barb Breshears and Uncle Mack Miller.

Not much news this week. Until next week God Bless all.