Sunday morning, Sister Maxine Lund brought the message for the early service and Brother Cody Prock brought the message for the second service. Sister Maxine Lund brought the message for the evening service from Genesis 32:24-29, “Spiritual Growth.”

This week has been another busy week for us as we are buying a house in town and getting ready to move soon. Delmar and I visited with Jack, Barb and Miracle Breshears and enjoyed supper with them. Miracle was leaving for Arizona on Friday so we wanted to visit with her. We also visited with Tara and Alexis Santiago and Preston Breshears while there. We visited with Gary and Bevy Moore and Raylee Burton.

Those visiting in our home during the week were Pauline Okhuysen, Julie Kookagey, Jack and Barb Breshears, and Donna Bannister. On Friday I spent the night with Beth Stafford and Johnathon Snelson. On Saturday, Bevy Moore and I went to Nixa for Maeson Carter’s birthday party, he is now a teenager.

Delmar and I visited with Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams one day and another day we visited with Norman and Maxine Rosseau. Delmar says his cucumbers are starting to vine out so hoping to have lots of good, fresh vegetables one day soon.

I visited by phone with Aunt Violet Morris and Howard Morris one day.

Delmar and I met Jack and Barb Breshears and Bob and Linda McCleary at McDonald’s for lunch one day.

Until next week, be kind to one another.